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    Jet Moto is a racing game on 'air bikes'. There are creatively designed levels. Levels could have many different things such as jumps, a 200 foot drop off, suicide stretches, a dam, and broken highways. Now, when going 100 mph, you would think it would be very hard to make a sudden U-turn, especially if going through waves. Well, you're right, that's why Single Trac made a feature called "Grapple". When you press a certain button, the "Grapple" grabs on to your bike and swings you around the corner.

    One of the funniest things of the game is something Single Trac didn't much for!. Tricks! You need to be creative to do could tricks since there isn't much they let you do, but it is still very fun.

    One of the great things about Jet Moto is the variety of riders you can be. First, you choose a team (i.e. Butterfinger). Then you choose one of the riders from that team. Each rider has different settings and features. They include Exhilaration, Handling, Mass, and Lift. So, choose your guy wisely for the course you are on.

    The music and sound in this game is alright. The music can get very repetitive and annoying, but it is alright. There is a great variety of sounds from the bikes though.

Rating: 8/10