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Spyro the Dragon (Playstation) Reviews & Ratings

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When I first heard about Spyro, I was interested. It was a good thing I was because this game is great.


Great graphics, even distant things are detailed well. Fog is used to show distance. That is just one of the brilliant things the producers thought of when making this game.

Game Play

Plenty of levels for long lasting fun. Spyro can charge, blow fire, glide, hover, and more. When Spyro starts a lamb, or any other animal, on fire, they turned into a charred animal then disincarnate into a black pulp. All the more reason to do it again.

When the producers made this game, they were thinking big. They take you down to the smallest things. For example, you can control and fire cannons to take out enemies. Gnorcs Soldiers "moon" you too! You need to solve tons of puzzles in order to beat the game.

Overall, Spyro the Dragon is not a game to be missed. Be sure to check this game out.

Rating: 9.3 / 10