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As legend holds it, two millennia ago, Sparda, a great demon swordsman, fought against the devil to save mankind. Now, 2000 years later, his son Dante, finds out that the devil is rising up again. Using his hidden strengths, Dante sets out to destroy the evil. If his mission is completed, the Devil May Cry.

As Dante kills the evil demons, he receives Monster Blood. As you collect this, it gives you the chance to "buy" new moves, potions, and other magical powers. If used carefully, dozens of great moves can be unlocked. One of the key elements in Devil May Cry are the combos and moves you can unlock. These allow some of the coolest fighting sequences found on all platforms. For example, one of the moves you can master is to use your sword like a bomber rang. Essentially, you through your sword at the enemy, as it hover by them spinning. Meanwhile, you can sit back and blast them away with you hand guns.

As you complete great combos, you build up power. This gives you the chance to go into Devil Trigger mode. When activated, Dante receives strong powers that give him stronger attacks, increased health, and devastating special moves to be inflicted on his enemies.

In traditional Capcom nature, the camera angles resemble that of Resident Evil. While these views make the game look cool, it makes game play quite difficult at times. For example, there are points where the camera will show what is behind Dante, while there is an enemy directly in front of him. This makes moves hard to predict and react to. However, to help balance this out, Capcom uses a great technique, which basically makes objects in the cameras direct path appear see-through. This truly helps conveniently, rather than having the camera jump around to avoid the objects.

Also on the poor side, the game is quite difficult. Besides hard bosses that you can't always figure out how to kill, when you die and use a continue, you tend to lose the majority of items purchased. As a result, you constantly end up resetting the console, simply to re-due the entire mission. Fortunately, Capcom came up with a great idea to easy the pain of these enemies. When you first meet a new enemy, basic information is given about them in the Pause menu. However, as you continue to fight them, more information will be unlocked. This will help you find the best techniques to defeat the little devils, no pun intended.

To back up the games solid game play are mesmerizing, highly detailed graphics, and a superb score. Devil May Cry pushes the early stages of the PS2 will beautiful character and level designs. Along with that, the score will often give you Goosebumps and will keep you scared of what may happen next.

To conclude, Devil May Cry is a great and fun game that you will get my recommendation from. Besides minor set backs, this game is golden and is a most have for all PS2 enthusiasts.

Rating: 9.3/10