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Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock: ATM bonuses

Save the indicated number of bells at the ATM inside the post office to receive the corresponding gift in the mail.

Unlock: ABD

100,000,000 bells

Unlock: Aluminum briefcase

5,000,000 bells

Unlock: Box of Tissues

100,000 bells

Unlock: Letter Set

500,000 bells

Unlock: Mailman's Hat

50,000,000 bells

Unlock: Piggy Bank

1,000,000 bells

Unlock: Post-office poster

10,000,000 bells

Unlock: Safe

20,000,000 bells

Unlock: HHA bonuses

Receive the indicated score from the HHA to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Unlock: HHA tee


Unlock: HHA pennant


Unlock: HHA jacket


Unlock: Silver HHA plaque


Unlock: Gold HHA plaque


Unlock: Silver HHA trophy


Unlock: Gold HHA trophy


Unlock: Gold House model


Unlock: Golden roof

300,000 (theme challenge)

Unlock: Golden exterior

500,000 (theme challenge)

Unlock: Arched golden door

700,000 (theme challenge)

Unlock: Golden fence

900,000 (theme challenge)

Unlock: Golden mailbox

1,100,000 (theme challenge)