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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was made to enforce our commitment to give our visitors the highest-quality information and integrity while dealing with our clients. This will explain to you how we use any information collected.

When you visit Gaming Online, we collect general statistics that collect data on how the site is used. This information may include pages visited, time of visits, and where you came from. All this information is gathered into a large database and used for analyzing. This grouped amount of data will not show your habits on the site, but the groups general interest. This basic statistics will be given outside the company only, and no personal information of yours will ever be given away.

When contacting us, entering into a contest, or other areas of this nature, you may give us personal information such as you address, email address, etc. This information is only used to reach you if needed with your consent. Outside of that, your details will never be used or given out to people outside the company.

Email sent to us may not be secure unless we set up security measures prior to the submission. For these reasons, do not send very personal and confidential information to us via insecure email.

Little information is given to people outside the site. This information is aggregated through and shows no individual's habits in it. However, we may disclose information when we are legally compelled to do so.

We take no responsibility for the practices of sites we are linked to. This Privacy Policy is only for Gaming Online's site. Gaming Online does its best to make sure that our visitors will always remain safe. We would never break your trust.