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Power Rangers Super Megaforce (3DS) Cheats & Tips

Your guide for cheat codes, tips, hacks and walkthroughs

Unlock: Dino Thunder Red

Scan the Dino Thunder Red Key

Unlock: In Space Red

Scan the In Space Red Key

Unlock: Jungle Fury Red

Scan the Jungle Fury Red Key

Unlock: Lightspeed Rescue Red

Scan the Lightspeed Rescue Red Key

Unlock: Lost Galaxy Red

Scan the Lost Galaxy Red Key

Unlock: Megaforce Red

Scan the Megaforce Red Key

Unlock: Mighty Morphin Alien Red

Scan the Alien Red Key

Unlock: Mighty Morphin Red

Scan the Mighty Morphin Red or Armored Red Key

Unlock: MMPR Black

Beat 200 enemies

Unlock: MMPR Red

Beat 100 Enemies

Unlock: Mystic Force Red

Complete all 6 levels of Stage 1

Unlock: Mystic Red

Scan the Mystic Force Red Key

Unlock: Ninja Storm Red

Do a 20 Hit Combo

Unlock: Ninja Storm Red

Scan the Ninja Storm Red Key

Unlock: Operation Overdrive Red

Scan the Operation Overdrive Red Key

Unlock: RPM Red

Scan the RPM Red Key

Unlock: Samurai Red

Scan the Samurai Red Key

Unlock: SPD Red

Scan the SPD Red Key

Unlock: Time Force Red

Scan the Time Force Red Key

Unlock: Turbo Red

Scan the Turbo Red Key

Unlock: Wild Force Red

Scan the Wild Force Red Key

Unlock: Zeo Red

Scan the Zeo Red Key