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Clash of Kings (Android) Cheats & Tips

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Help & Tips: Building Placement

Hospitals and Military Tents are the most valuable buildings you have, so upgrade these first, in this order. Upgrading hospitals means you save resources and training times. Tents let you train more resources faster. Next, cluster your military buildings together (stable, barracks, range, chariot plant). This will help you train resources without wasting time scrolling around.

Help & Tips: Upgrade Order

First: Drill Ground. This is the most important upgrade as it will help you when more fighs and collect more resources. Second: Wishing Well.

Help & Tips: Go Unnoticed

As you get into higher levels, try to avoid war when possible as it is bad for growth. Teleport occasionally to new areas and use your black arrow to find the way back to your castle. Explore these areas.

Help & Tips: Keep Workers Busy

Do not let your workers sit idle, ever.

Help & Tips: Keep Army Diverse

Make sure you take advantage of all the different types of soldiers. It's best to have a blend of infrantry, ranged fighters, and cavalry.

Unlock: Free Resources

Invite a friend to the game to unlock free resources as a reward.