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Invasion: Modern Empire (Android) Cheats & Tips

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Help & Tips: Collect freebies

Keep an eye on your Routine Supply (the money icon in the bottom left of the screen). This replenishes every half hour with free resources.

Help & Tips: Analyze Before You Attack

Before you launch an attack, send a scout to scout out the enemy first. While the report they provide is only as accurate as their ability, it will help you decide whether or not you're ready to attack them.

Help & Tips: Always Keep Troops Training

No matter what you're doing, you can keep troops training at all times, which is a must to make sure your army is ready. Keep your eye on your queues in the top left corner and if you notice no troops are training, get them started immediately.

Help & Tips: Join a Guild

There are many benefits to creating an allegiance with a guild where you are able to help each other. For example: if a partner is building, you can assist to reduce the time-to-build while also getting guild coins to use for yourself.