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Last Empire-War Z (Android) Cheats & Tips

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Tips/Hints: Build Hospitals

Hospitals are needed to heal your soldiers and prevent them from being killed during attacks. If you have hospital capacity for every single soldier, they will not be killed during defense.

Tips/Hints: Don't Skip Daily Missions

Performing daily missions gets you resources and XP.

Tips/Hints: Focus on Offense, Not Defense

Produce troops, not defense (unless during a Gain Power or Build Defense event)

Tips/Hints: Form Alliances

Simple: alliances help protect you. The Stronger the alliance, the better off you'll be.

Tips/Hints: Harvesting

Harvest from high level tiles as they are faster to harvest

Tips/Hints: Storage Bunker Level

Keep Storage Bunker Level at the max. This protects your resources and make you a less desirable target from your enemies

Tips/Hints: Utilize Free VIP Time

Once the tutorial ends, utilize the free VIP time to fill/level every city tile.

Tips/Hints: Work Queues

Never let the Building, Researching, Training work queues go ideal.