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Mobile Strike: War and Peace (Android) Cheats & Tips

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Tip/Hint: Alliances

Team up with other players to form an alliance. This will help you speed up constructions, healing of the troops, and research without needing to spend money. As you continue to level-up your HQ, you'll have more slot and can even build an embassy and benefit from alliance members. 

Tip/Hint: Become a VIP

Utilize the VIP points you get each day to level-up and reap rewards such as faster construction time, percentage boosts for coin production, and a variety of other benefits. 

Tip/Hint: Supply Crates

While at your base, look for blue crates in the bottom left of your screen.  When you see it moving, tap it to find free rewards for playing the game. If you see a timer beneath the crate, you must wait until you can open it. Note: You need an Epic War account to benefit from this tip, which will net you another 500 gold.

Tip/Hint: Take chances and get bigger rewards

As you do missions, look for the glowing CHANGE button on the bottom-right of the screen.  Tap this to refresh the daily missions for a chance at better rewards.

Tip/Hint: Upgrade your base

Never ignore the in-game alerts to strengthen your wall/research/production capabilities.