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The Sims FreePlay (Android) Cheats & Tips

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Cheats: Free Highchairs

With 0 SP, go to the store that sells kids items, select Infants, and purchase the White Highchair. Even though you have no money you can still make the purchase and then sell it for profit. Repeat.

Easter Egg: Give your Sim Motion Sickness

Shake your device for about 5 seconds and your Sim should throw up within a couple seconds.

Cheats: Unlimited LP

When you reach a milestone (and get 5 LP), delete an item to get you shy of the milestone award. Press home and end the game and then put the game back on, buy an item, and you'll reach the award again and another 5 LP. You can use this to buy items and resell them (then repeat the process) for unlimited money.