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Street Fighter 2 (Arcade) Cheats & Tips

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Alternative Costumes

While at the Fighter Selection screen, press Player 1 or Player 2.

Bonus Ending

Beat the game without losing a single round.

View Machine Statistics

While viewing the Demo fight, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, MP, LP. Two rows of numbers will appear meaning the following:
[U/K] [Player 1 Coin Total] [U/K] [Player 2 Coin Total]
[# of times Ryu used] [# of times E. Honda used] [# of time Blanka used] [# of times Guile used] [# of times Ken used] [# of times Chun-Li used]...
... [# of times Zangief used] [# of times Dhalsim used]