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Fighting Vipers 2 (Dreamcast) Cheats & Tips

Your guide for cheat codes, tips, hacks and walkthroughs

Total Pause

Press X and Y after pausing the game.

New Costumes

While at the Character Selection screen, highlight any fighter, then, press Up or Down.

Stronger Kick

While holding Back, press Y.

Stronger Punch

While holding Back, press X.

Get Bike

Start playing as Charlie and press Down twice.

Play as BM

Beat BM while in either Arcade mode or in Random mode with a Super Knockout.

Play as Kuhn

Beat Mahler while in Arcade mode with a time of less then 5:50. You must half at least half of your health remaining or have used a Super Knockout. Next, beat Kuhn in the extra level.

Play as Del Sol

Beat Del Sol in Random mode and finish the game. He will be Tokio's first opponent.