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Generator Vol. 1 (Dreamcast) Cheats & Tips

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Extra Arena in Powerstone Demo

Remember the arena you can play in one-player mode but is normally unaccessible in two-player? Simple. When you play a two-player game, at the end of the match, hold all four action buttons and press start to return to the title screen. Then go back to 2 Player mode and have someone pick Gunrock as a character. Now when the stage select screen pops up, Voldo should be accessible right away, BUT DO NOT MOVE THE CONTROLLER EXCEPT TO PRESS A! Or else you will move to the normal 2 arenas and can't pick the hidden one.

R2R Rumble Gloves

In the demo of ready 2 rumble boxing, there is a way to get RUMBLE GLOVES. What you do is first hit your opponent enough so at the bottom the word rumble is spelled out. Now on the controller push the two top trigger buttons at the same time and your gloves will turn white and the guy will yell RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEE.

Rain in Champ Car Racing Cemo

On the Transmission Select screen, hold L+R+Down on the D-pad, choose your transmission, continue to hold until game starts for rainy weather.

Replay Power Stone

If you win or lose while playing Power Stone, just press all 4 action buttons at the same time and then start. This will bring you to the beginning screen of Power Stone instead of the Generator Disc Menu.

Sonic Adventure Secret Chao Puzzle Game

Plug two controllers into your Dreamcast, controller ONE in port A and controller TWO in port D. Insert a VMU into controller TWO and load Sonic Adventure. On the start menu press the start button on controller TWO and the words Chao Puzzle will appear on your VMU. Before you play Chao Puzzle press start on controller ONE and pause the game. Now you can play The Chao Puzzle. (Caution: if you play the chao puzzle off the start menu the game will freeze during the intro movie)