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Guilty Gear X (Dreamcast) Cheats & Tips

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Play as Testament

Reach level 20 in survivor mode and Testament will challenge you. Defeat Testament to unlock him.

Play as Dizzy

Reach level 30 in survivor mode and Dizzy will challenge you. Defeat Dizzy to unlock her.

Guilty Gear mode

Beat arcade mode with all characters to unlock Guilty Gear mode. Alternatively, reach and complete level 100 in survivor mode.

View character's ending

Beat arcade mode with any character using no continues to view their ending.

Alternate costume colors

While you are at the character selection screen, highlight a fighter and press Select to use their fifth costume palette. Press A + X while a fighter is highlighted to use their sixth costume palette. Press B + Y while a fighter is highlighted to use their seventh costume palette.

Game Shark Codes

Hit Anywhere 1DCC102B