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Soul Calibur (Dreamcast) Cheats & Tips

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Walkthrough/Help Guide:

Check our walkthrough for tips on how to beat Soul Calibur.

Bonus characters and stages

Beat the game with each of the standard characters to unlock a new character or stage.

Bonus character styles

Each bonus character has the same fighting style as an original character, except for Inferno and Edge Master:

Bonus character Style of
Hwang Xianghua
Yoshimistsu Misturugi
Lizard Man Sophitia
Sigfried Nightmare
Seung Mina Kilik
Cervates Taki
Rock Astaroth

Play as Edge Master

Beat the game with all standard and bonus characters.

Arcade mode (Japanese version)

Beat the game, including the bonus stages, with every character.

Mission battle bonuses

Beat all the missions to unlock the hidden art in the museum and a third costume for Sophitia, Voldo, Siegfried, Maxi, and Xianghua by pressing Y + A while selecting one of those characters. Completing all mission battles will unlock various museum options such as exhibition theater, opening direction (change the introduction), and character profiles. Additionally, an "Extra Survival" mode will also be unlocked at the main screen.

Dojo mission

Beat all the missions and the extra missions that appear after the Chaos stages. Then at the mission selection screen, move to the eastern-most map and place the pointer over Korea. Move over this area until the mission confirmation sound is heard.

Swamp mission

Beat all the missions and the extra missions that appear after the Chaos stages. Then at the mission selection screen, move to the western-most map and place the pointer between Germany and Russia. Move over this area until the mission confirmation sound is heard.

Metallic characters

Begin a game in mission battle mode and fight until the "Metal Mode" option is unlocked. Then, hold R while selecting a fighter.

Extra weapons

Unlock Edge Master and successfully complete all mission battles. Then at the character selection screen, hold L while selecting a character for extra weapons.

Play as Inferno

Unlock all the characters, stages, and extra bonuses that are awarded by playing the game in arcade mode and mission mode. Get every picture in the mission mode. When this is accomplished, return to the arcade mode, and select Xianghua and her third outfit by pressing Y + A. If desired, the game may be set to one round and the easy difficulty. Play through and complete the game with her. After the credits complete, a new soul (Inferno) will appear to the right of Edge Master. He randomly switches weapons like Edge Master, but has some moves of his own that can be done with any weapon.

Alternate title screen

Beat all missions in mission battle mode for a golden title screen. Unlock Inferno and all 338 pictures in the Art Gallery for a monochrome title screen.

Alternate costumes

While you are at the character selection screen, press Y to alternate all character costumes. Press Y again to change all character costumes back to their original.

Alternate Sophitia's underwear color

While you are at the character selection screen, highlight Sophitia and continuously press one of the following buttons or combinations until she performs her pre-battle pose:

X + B
X + Y
Y + B
X + Y + B

Full character profile screen

While you are at the character profiles screen, press L + R to remove the window on that screen.

Change replay focus

Normally, the replay camera will focus on the winner of the match. Press B to change the focus to the losing character.

Select victory pose

Win a match, then press X, Y, or B during the replay to select one of the victory poses.

Art card secrets

The following art cards will unlock the corresponding secret:

002: New art card gallery

003: Silk road rains mission

005: Harbour of souls mission

006: New art card gallery

010: Maze of the dead mission

014: New art card gallery

015: Character profiles open

018: New art card gallery

019: Colosseum mission

021: Silk road ruins stage

026: Shrine of eurydice mission

027: Palaaea shrine mission

031: Kunpaetku shrine mission

032: Takamatsu castle stage

036: The adrian & fortress mission

037: Money pit mission

039: Xiangua's SP costume

040: Takamatsu castle stage

045: New art card stage

054: Exibition theatre open

055: New art card gallery

056: Hoko temple mission

058: Sophitia's 3P costume

060: The adrian & fortress #2 mission

065: City of water mission

068: Proving grounds (Twilight) stage

070: Maxi's 3P costume

079: Maze of the dead stage

081: Ostrheinsburg castle stage

082: Valentine mansion mission

083: Takamastsu (Winter)stage

084: Water labyrinth mission

090: New art card gallery

093: Harbor of souls #2 mission

094: Voldo's 3P costume

101: Silk road ruins #2 mission

103: New art card gallery

104: Kunpaetku shrine stage

106: Maze of the dead #2 mission

116: Shrine of eurydice #2 mission

117: Palagaea shrine #2 mission

122: Kunpaetku shrine #2 mission

123: Silk road ruins (Night) stage

126: New art card gallery

130: Chaos stage

132: Takamatsu castle #2 mission

134: Money pit #2 mission

137: Taki (exhibition theatre)

143: Hoko temple #2 mission

148: Colosseum #2 mission

149: New art card gallery

155: Voldo (exhibition theatre)

159: New art card gallery

167: Extra survival mode unlocked

169: Hoko temple #2 mission

177: Sophitia (exhibition theatre)

178: Valentine mansion #2 mission

179: Opening direction unlocked

180: The adrian & fortress #2 mission

182: City of water #2 mission

183: Nightmare (exhibition theatre)

188: Water vein #2 mission

189: Astaroth (exhibition theatre)

198: Hwang (exhibition theatre)

199: Proving grounds #2 mission

203: New art card gallery

207: Yoshimitsu (exhibition theatre)

215: Ostrheinsburg castle #2 mission

217: New art card gallery

224: Weapon select feature unlocked

225: Lizard man (exhibition theatre)

230: Siegfried (exhibition theatre)

233: Rock (exhibition theatre)

239: Seung mina (exhibition theatre)

251: Cervantes (exhibition theatre)

256: Edge master (exhibition theatre)

265: Metal model mode unlocked