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James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire (Gamecube) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock Cheats

Beat the level with the rank listed to unlock the corresponding code below:

Unlocks Level to Beat Rank to Receive
Golden CH-6 Precious Cargo Gold
Golden accuracy Power-Up Bad Diplomacy Gold
Golden Gun (Multi-Player) Precious Cargo Platinum (w/ all 007 icons)
Golden Grenade Power-Up Night of the Jackal Gold
Golden Clip Power-Up Cold Reception Gold
Golden Bullet Power-up Poseidon Gold
Golden Armor Power-Up Forbidden Depths Gold
Unlimited Car Missiles Dangerous Pursuit Gold
Unlimited Golden Gun Ammo Evil Summit Gold
Guard Skin (Multi-Player) Cold Reception Platinum (all 007 icons)
Rocket Manor (Multi-Player) Trouble in Paradise Platinum (all 007 icons)
Stealth Bond Skin (Multi-Player) Dangerous Pursuit Platinum (all 007 icons)
Cyclops Oil Guard Skin (Multi-Player) Poseidon Platinum (all 007 icons)
Alpine Guard Skin (Multi-Player) Streets of Bucharest Platinum (all 007 icons)
Poseidon Guard Skin (Multi-Player) Mediterranean Crisis Platinum (all 007 icons)
Carrier Guard Skin (Multi-Player) Evil Summit Platinum (all 007 icons)
Regen Armor Power-Up Mediterranean Crisis Gold
Rapid Fire Power-Up Fire and Water Gold
Lotus Esprit Car Streets of Bucharest Gold
Gravity Boots (Multi-Player) Bad Diplomacy Platinum (all 007 icons)
Viper Gun (Multi-Player) Night of the Jackal Platinum (all 007 icons)
Full Arsenal (Multi-Player) Forbidden Depths Platinum (all 007 icons)
Calypso Gun (Multi-Player) Fire and Water Platinum (all 007 icons)