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Kirby's Air Ride (Gamecube) Cheats & Tips

Your guide for cheat codes, tips, hacks and walkthroughs

Bulk Star

In Time Attack Mode, finish the Celestial Valley Level in under 3:20:00.

Formula Star

In Time Attack Mode, finish the Frozen Hillside Level in under 3:14:00.

Galax in Air Ride Mode

Finish 100 Laps of any level.

King Dedede (in City Trial Mode)

Defeat Kind Dedede in Event Stage 24.

King Dedede (in Air Ride Mode

Defeat 1,000 Opponents.

Meta-Knight (in City Trial Mode)

Break 1,000 Boxes

Meta-Knight (in Air Ride Mode)

Accumulate 30 minutes of Air Time.

Nebula Belt

In Air Ride mode, complete 100 laps.

Rex Wheelie

In Air Ride mode, defeat 100 enemies on Exhaled Stars.

Rocket Star

Finish one lap in the Machine Passage Level in under 1:05:00.

Shadow Star

Defeat 100 enemies.

Winged Star

Finish in first place in the air.