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Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Gamecube) Cheats & Tips

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Find Easy Money

Travel outside of Hobbiton on the East Road.  Above the stumps the summon the elves and the ledge is a house.  Go in the house and press the Action button by the bookcase.  Travel in and out of the house repeatedly to gain as many coins as desired while performing the same task.

Pass 21st Hall of Moria

Go into the center of the room and push/pull the four blocks of stone with the hands on top of the tiles that you can step on.  After you pull all four, you will pass the test.

Deal with the Wolves of Hobbiton

Wolves will appear right after you leave Hobbiton.  Run between the rock and the tree directly to your left.  The wolves will not enter this area you are in.  To attack the wolves, simply stay near the rock.  You will not step forward when you attack if the rock is blocking your way.

Opening Moria's Doors

Press the Action button to open a door in Moria.  If it asks you for a chant, choose Melon.

Defeating Balrog

As Gandalf, start by equipping the Staff Strike spell.  When trying to reach the Balrog, dodge the fireballs first, then the fire he will blow, then his fire sword.  Then when he continuing shoots fireballs at you, use the Staff Strike.  The Balrog will then be stunned.  Attack him with your sword and repeat these steps.