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NBA Street (Gamecube) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock 3LW

Get 20 wins in any mode.

Unlock NYC Legends

Get 30 wins in any mode.

Unlock SSX Snowboarders

Get 10 wins in any mode.

Unlock Cheat Mode

Type in the following code(s) at the versus screen to unlock the corresponding cheat:

Cheat Code
No Codes Basketball, Shoe, Basketball, Show
Authentic Uniforms Basketball, Show, Turntable, Turntable
Casual Costumes Basketball, Shoe, Megaphone, Megaphone
No HUD Turntable, Turntable, Shoe, Turntable
Player Names Display Turntable, Turntable, Basketball, Turntable
No Automatic Replays Turntable (4x)
No Player Indicators Turntable, Turntable, Backboard, Turntable
Springtime "The Show" Turntable (3x), Basketball
Summertime "The Show" Turntable, Turntable, Megaphone, Turntable
Athletic "The Show" Turntable (3x), Shoe
ABA Basketball Basketball, Basketball, Turntable, Shoe
Exploding Rims Turntable (3x), Megaphone
No Shot Indicator Turntable (3x), Backboard
EA Basketball Basketball, Basketball, Megaphone, Turntable
Nufx Basketball Basketball, Basketball, Backboard, Megaphone
WNBA Basketball Basketball, Basketball, Shoe, Backboard
Medicine Ball Basketball, Basketball, Shoe, Shoe
Beachball Basketball, Basketball, Turntable, Turntable
Volleyball Basketball, Basketball, Backboard, Backboard
ABA Socks Shoe (4x)
Big Head Mode Shoe (3x), Backboard
Small Head Mode Shoe (3x), Megaphone
More Gamebreakers Shoe, Backboard, Backboard, Basketball
Less Gamebreakers Shoe, Turntable, Turntable, Basketball
No Gamebreakers Shoe, Megaphone, Megaphone, Basketball
No Shot Clock Timer Shoe (3x), Basketball
No Juice Turntable, Backboard, Backboard, Basketball
Unlimited Turbo Turntable, Shoe, Shoe, Basketball
Better Dunks Basketball, Megaphone, Megaphone, Basketball
Better Distance Shots Basketball, Backboard, Backboard, Basketball
Hard Distance Shots Basketball, Turntable, Turntable, Basketball
Unusual Hands Shoe, Backboard, Turntable, Basketball
Better Swats Backboard, Turntable, Shoe, Basketball
Strong Power Turntable, Shoe, Backboard, Basketball
Disable Dunking Turntable, Backboard, Shoe, Basketball
Sticky Hands Backboard, Shoe, Turntable, Basketball
Cap. Quick Shoe, Turntable, Backboard, Basketball
Disable Alley-oops Basketball, Backboard, Turntable, Basketball
Fewer Blocks Basketball, Turntable, Shoe, Basketball
Fewer Steals Basketball, Shoe, Backboard, Basketball
Disable 2 Pointers Basketball, Turntable, Backboard, Basketball