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X-Men: Legends (Gamecube) Cheats & Tips

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Alternative Costumes

Beat the game.

Unlock Beast

Beat Level 1.

Unlock Colossus

Beat the Nuclear Facility Level.

Unlock Cyclops

Beat Level 3.

Unlock Emma Frost

Find Emma Frost in the X-Mansion after you play the Nuclear Facility Level.

Unlock Gambit

Beat Level 3.

Unlock Ice Man

Beat Level 1.

Unlock Jean Grey

Beat Level 1.

Unlock Jubilee

Beat Level 2.

Unlock Magma

Beat Magma's Second Training Round.

Unlock Nightcrawler

Beat Level 2.

Unlock Professor X

Enter the Astral Plane.

Unlock Psylocke

Beat the New York City Riot Level.

Unlock Rogue

Beat Level 1.

Unlock Storm

Beat Level 1.

Unlock Xtreme Alternative Costumes

While at the Main Menu, press Up, Up, Right, Left, Down, Down, Start.  Then, during the game, go to an Xtraction save location and use the button next to Skin.

Unlock Colossus' Art Room

Collect all 19 Sketchbooks.

Increase Your Stats

Collect the hidden Comic Books.

Extra Danger Room Tasts

Collect the hidden Danger Room Discs.