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1001 Ultimate Mahjong (iPhone/iPad) Cheats & Tips

Your guide for cheat codes, tips, hacks and walkthroughs

Unlock: Advanced Puzzler (25 points)

Finish 150 (different) stacks.

Unlock: Beginner Puzzler (20 points)

Finish 10 (different) stacks.

Unlock: Beginner's luck (10 points)

Finish your first stack.

Unlock: Demolition Puzzler (25 points)

Remove 10000 pairs.

Unlock: Eagle's Eye (50 points)

Finish the stack with no reshuffle.

Unlock: Eternal Puzzler (50 points)

Play for 500 minutes.

Unlock: Extraordinary Puzzler (25 points)

Finish 500 (different) stacks.

Unlock: Faster-than-light (25 points)

Finish any stack in less than 10 seconds.

Unlock: Gold fingers! (25 points)

Finish any stack using dual-touch only.

Unlock: Hyper Puzzler (25 points)

Finish 300 (different) stacks.

Unlock: Intermediate Puzzler (25 points)

Finish 100 (different) stacks.

Unlock: Legend Puzzler (25 points)

Finish 900 (different) stacks.

Unlock: Mahjong Guru (75 points)

Earn 10000 XP.

Unlock: Mahjong Sensei (50 points)

Earn 5000 XP.

Unlock: Mahjong Shogun (25 points)

Earn 2500 XP.

Unlock: Now we start (15 points)

Finish 5 (different) stacks.

Unlock: Prime Puzzler (25 points)

Finish 600 (different) stacks.

Unlock: Respectable Puzzler (25 points)

Finish 400 (different) stacks.

Unlock: Rookie Puzzler (25 points)

Finish 50 (different) stacks.

Unlock: Snail's pace (10 points)

Finish any stack in more than 5 minutes.

Unlock: Speed of Light (15 points)

Finish any stack in less than 30 seconds.

Unlock: Speed of Thought (10 points)

Finish any stack in less than a minute.

Unlock: Supreme Puzzler (25 points)

Finish 700 (different) stacks.

Unlock: That's my favourite (25 points)

Play 10 games on one stack.

Unlock: Time flies (25 points)

Play for 30 minutes.

Unlock: Two fingers! (25 points)

Remove the pair with dual touch.

Unlock: Ultimate Puzzler (25 points)

Finish all 1001 stacks.

Unlock: Ultimate Win (25 points)

Finish the stack without using any hints.

Unlock: Ultra Puzzler (25 points)

Finish 250 (different) stacks.

Unlock: Veteran Puzzler (25 points)

Finish 800 (different) stacks.