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Exploding Kittens (iPhone/iPad) Cheats & Tips

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Tips/Strategies: Collect Cards

If you have a Defuse card in your possession and the risk level is low (less than 25%), draw cards each round to stockpile. The more cards you have, the better your chances are of winning.

Tips/Strategies: Seeing the Future

Save the "See The Future" cards until you have a skip or shuffle card, as there's nothing you can do otherwise.

Tips/Strategies: Shuffle The Deck

Only shuffle the deck when someone has used a "See The Future" card or if you know the next card is a kitten and there's no way for you to avoid it.

Tips/Strategies: Using Attacks Wisely

It's always a good strategy to save attack cards until the end. For example, if there are only limited cards left in the deck and you're able to force an opponent to draw a kitten, they'll have to diffuse it and put it back in the deck, only to have to draw it again.

Tips/Strategies: Bluff

If you look at the future but see no kittens, throw a skip card to bluff your opponent into suspecting there must be a kitten and therefore wasting one of their cards.