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Unlock A Better Future, Underground

Upgrade 20 Rooms to Level 3

Unlock A Vault For My Vault

Gather/Collect 10,000 Caps

Unlock Armed and Dangerous

Gather/Collect 20 Legendary Weapons

Unlock Atom Splitter

Merge 3 Power Rooms

Unlock Better Settler

Level-Up a dweller from Level 1 to 10

Unlock Blast From The Past

Gather/Collect 20 Legendary Dwellers

Unlock Dine and Dash

Merge 3 Food Rooms

Unlock Fashion Statement

Gather/Collect 20 Legendary Outfits

Unlock Get Off My Lawn

Successfully stop 50 Raider Attacks

Unlock Hard Work is Happy Work

Successfully complete 50 Room Rushes

Unlock Higher and higher

Level-Up a dweller from Level 1 to 25

Unlock Home Sweet Home

Make 1 of every room type

Unlock Mattress Stuffer

Gather/Collect 1,00 caps

Unlock Overachieve much?

Complete 100 objectives

Unlock Overseer

Level-Up a Dweller from Level 1 to 50

Unlock Prepared For The Future

Make 25 Babies

Unlock Project Purity

Merge 3 Water Rooms

Unlock Vault-Tec Architect

Make 25 rooms

Unlock Vault-Tec Engineer

Make 50 rooms