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Golden Eye 007 (N64) Cheats & Tips

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Walkthrough Guide

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Cheat mode

Complete one of the following mission within the indicated time limit at the required difficulty level to unlock the corresponding cheat:

Cheat Effect Level Difficulty Time
2x Grenade Launcher   Surface 1 Secret Agent 3:30
2x Knives   Bunker 2 Agent 1:30
2x Knives   Jungle Agent 3:45
2x Lasers   Aztec Complex Secret Agent 9:00
2x RCP-90s   Water Caverns 00 Agent 9:30
2x Rocket Launcher   Bunker 1 00 Agent 4:00
DK Mode Big heads Runway Agent 5:00
Enemy Rockets Opponents have rocket launchers Streets Agent 1:45
Fast Animation Opponents move quickly Statue Park Secret Agent 3:15
Gold PP7 Opponents killed with one shot Antenna Cradle Agent 2:15
Infinite Ammo   Control Center Secret Agent 10:00
Invincibility Unlimited damage Facility 00 Agent 2:05
Invisibility Bond is invisible to opponents Military Archives 00 Agent 1:20
No Radar Multi   Frigate Secret Agent 4:30
Paintball mode Bullets cause paint marks instead of holes. Dam Secret Agent 2:40
Silver PP7 Shoots through doors, on shot kills Train 00 Agent 5:25
Slow Animation Opponents move slowly Depot Secret Agent 1:40
Tiny Bond Bond is smaller Surface 2 00 Agent 4:15
Turbo mode Bond moves quickly Launch Silo Agent 3:00

Hidden characters

Enter the multi-player mode character selection screen and display the last available character (Mishkin or Moonraker Elite). Then, press the following controller combinations: Hold L + R and press C-Left. Hold L and press C-Up. Hold L + R and press Left. Hold L and press Right. Hold R and press Down. Hold L + R and press C-Left. Hold L and press C-Up. Hold L + R and press Right. Hold L + R and press C-Down. Hold L and press Down. An additional thirty-one characters will now be selectable.

Game Ending (Spoilers!)

If you chase Trevelyn all the way to the bottom of the satellite and you shoot him good enough Trevelyn will fall off of the satellite. If you don't shoot him hard enough he will just fall and die. Then a helicopter will pick you up, and you will be talking and kissing Natalya while the credits roll. Almost like the movie! -Brent Fullen Jr