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Jet Force Gemini (N64) Cheats & Tips

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"Ants into Pants" Mode
This cheat turns all the enemy drones into stick figures with big pants. "Ants into Pants" becomes available in the Cheats menu (located under Options) as soon as you have collected 300 enemy heads.

Break Fall
Any veteran Mario or Banjo-Kazooie player will have already figured this one out. Falling from high places causes your character to take damage, but you can break your fall with the help of Lupus' rocket paws or Vela and Juno's jetpacks (only if you have fuel, in the case of Vela and Juno).

Change Characters on Map Screen
Not really a gameplay tip – but this feature isn't mentioned in the manual, so we figured we should include it. There is no need to go to the Character Screen if you need to quickly change characters when selecting a new world to fly to. You can change your character on the map screen, too. Simply use the C Buttons to switch the player icons in the corner until you've got the character you want.

Floyd's Colors Translation.
This isn't really a code but, it's neat. If you watch Floyd going into an unknown area you'll notice that his vents change color. Red means that there are enemies in the room. Blue usually means there is a puzzle. No color means that the room is just a decoration.

Free weapons and items
While you are at the character selection screen press the analog stick (or joystick) right 3 times, then move left to highlight and select Lupus. When the game begins hit c-right 3 times, c-left once, c-right 2 times,and c-up 3 times. If you do it right, you will hear Lupus barking or howling. Press the A button to cycle through available weapons and items, then press the B button to drop the item in front of you.

Hear Lupus Howl
To hear Lupus howl press c-down while playing as him on the ground.

Infinite Tokens with JFG
Play as JFG. When you enter a room with mizar tokens collect them, then leave and re-enter the room. The tokens will reappear. Keep doing this and you will have enough tokens to rearm or repair yourself throughout the rest of the game.

Invincibility in Multiplayer mode
Ok, to get this code to work, S.S. Anubis stage is the best. When standing in front of the Invincibility icon (don't get it), Let a person kill you so you fall back on it. You will have the shield on you until you press A. Once you have pressed A, your enemy will not be able to lock on you or hurt you until you get another Invincibility icon, this will be turned off.

Jet Force Kids mode
Collect 200 ant heads to unlock the Jet Force Kids cheat, which can be activated from the Cheats/Options menu. This cheat will turn the game's main characters into kids.

Jetpack Tip
Another little feature not mentioned in the manual: use the C Down button to hover in place when using the jetpacks. It only uses half the fuel.