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Star Fox 64 (N64) Cheats & Tips

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Walkthrough Guide

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Move heads

While you are at the title screen, move the analog control stick around and the Star Fox crew will follow the moving numbers 64 with their heads.

Turn off cross-hair

Pause the game and press R.

New title screen

Earn all the medals in Expert mode.

Play on foot in versus mode

Earn a medal on Venom in Expert mode.

Play with tanks in versus mode

Earn a medal on Venom.

Expert mode and more

You must earn a medals on all fifteen levels to unlock expert mode, tanks in versus mode, and Graphic Equalizer in the sound test. To earn a medal, you must either get or exceed the number of hits listed below for each level.


Level Hits
Corneria 150
Meteo 200
Fortuna 50
Sector X 150
Titania 150
Boluse 150
Venom 200
Katina 150
Solar 100
Macbeth 150
Sector Y 150
Aquas 150
Zoness 300
Sector Z 100
Area 6 300
Venom 2 200