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Half-Life: Counter-Strike (PC) Cheats & Tips

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Money and Weapons

To get 16000$ which is the max, sv_cheats must be on. So type in the following in your console:

sv_cheats 1

This will enable the cheats. After activating you must restart the level/map. Then type in impuse 101 in your console and you will have 16000 dollars!

The other code is for the weapons. I don't want to take all the time to explain all the weapon names because if you already play Counter-Strike a lot you should know the weapons/weapon code names. to get the weapons you must have the cheats activated once again sv_cheats 1.

then type in your console

give weapon_<weapon name here>

I recommend that you bind them to 6 keys that you don't use for all the different categories

Change Gravity

Must activate cheat mode. After activating cheat mode in the console with sv_cheats 1 you can change gravity with sv_gravity <-999 - 999999>

Bind Keys

Activating a code can be easier then tpying in, say, sv_gravity. Type in bind t "impulse 101" while you are at the console window. This will make a shortcut, the T key will now be a short for the code.

Blood and Gore

Type in bind backspace "impulse 102" while you are at the Console window. If you push the backspace key several times, blood and guts will scatter all over.