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Steam Achievements

  • Ambush: City forces are ambushed. A convoy with a handful of determined units is trying to find a site for their new base in an area filled with Clan marauders.
  • Appearances are Deceptive: Escaping with the convoy was an easy job. However, a surprise awaits at the site where the new base is about to be built.
  • Bad neighbor: The defense forces of the Clan are too far in the South. However, they can still reach the base in time to protect it and deliver a swift retaliation.
  • Easy AI: Defeat the easy AI in skirmish mode.
  • Hammer: Sometimes there is no choice other than going forward. The only question is who will stand the strikes.
  • Hard AI: Defeat the hard AI in skirmish mode.
  • Medium AI: Defeat the medium AI in skirmish mode.
  • Outlaw Clan: The Clan of the Outlaws defeated the forces of the United Cities. From now on, the Outlaws will rule the Earth. The Truth of the Clan prevails.
  • Race: Will the armored column of the north-eastern clan reach the base in time to defend it successfully?
  • Retreat: Is it wiser to retreat than to die heroically...?
  • Stealth: Now it is time for the Ghost tanks of the City forces to show what they are made of. The fate of the convoy is up to them.
  • The Last Flanker: The defense lines of the City forces were no match for the merciless attack of the Clan. The defenders are driven back to the last flanker. Is this battle already lost...?
  • Urban Forces: After more than a century of darkness, human civilization is on the rise again.