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Townsmen (PC) Cheats & Tips

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  • Become a governor: Finish the tutorial
  • I like to build stuff... I: Build 10 buildings
  • Eureka!: Complete your first research
  • Tax-man I: Collect taxes: 1000 Thaler
  • Builder I: Reach a population of 50
  • A time consuming game I: Play for 60 minutes
  • I like to build stuff... II: Build 25 buildings
  • Bread for the people I: Produce 200 bread
  • Full-time job I: Repair 50 buildings
  • Tax-man II: Collect taxes: 10000 Thaler
  • A time consuming game II: Play for 120 minutes
  • Researcher: Complete 5 researches
  • Bread for the people II: Produce 500 bread
  • Cosmas & Damian: In a scenario, don't lose a single Townie to the plague.
  • Saint Florian: In a scenario, don't lose a single building to fire.
  • An honorable governor I: Earn 250 Prestige by completing quests.
  • Tools of the trade I: Produce 200 tools
  • Full-time job II: Repair 150 buiildings