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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos (PC) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock Cheat Codes

Press Enter, type in one of the following codes, and press Enter again:

Cheat Code
Invincibility/One Hit Kill whosyourdaddy
Complete Map iseedeadpeople
Instant Victory allyourbasearebelongtous
Instant Defeat somebodysetupusthebomb
Continue Playing after Losing in Campaign Mode strengthandhonor
500 Default - Gold keysersoze <number>
500 Default - Lumber leafittome <number>
500 Default - Gold/Lumber greedisgood <number>
Faster Construction warpten
Faster Death iocainepowder
End Spell Cool Downs thedudeabides
Level Select motherland <race (i.e. Human)> <level number>
Vanish Trees abrakadabra
Current Time: Morning riseandshine
Current Time: Day daylightsavings <1-24>
Current Time: Evening lightsout
Unlimited Mana theseisnospoon