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Alien Resurrection (Playstation) Cheats & Tips

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Cheat mode

While you are at the main menu, press Circle, Left, Right, Circle, Up, R2. A "Cheat" selection will appear on the options screen, allowing God mode, all weapons, infinite ammunition, infinite oxygen, no chest bursting, and level selection.

Research mode

While you are at the main menu, press Square, Up, Down, Circle, Left, R1. A "Research Mode" selection will appear on the options screen.

GameShark Codes

Gameshark Codes
Infinite Health 8010D620 2400
Infinite Chestburst Time 8005162C 0000
Infinite Pistol Ammo 8011BCC4 0064
Infinite Shotgun Rounds 3011BCD6 00FF
Infinite Shotgun Ammo 8011BCC6 0064
Infinite Pulse Rifle Rounds 3011BCD8 00FF
Infinite Pulse Rifle Ammo 8011BCC8 0064
Infinite Flamethrower Rounds 3011BCDA 00FF
Infinite Flamethrower Ammo 8011BCCA 0064
Infinite Electric Gun Rounds 3011BCDC 00FF
Infinite Electric Gun Ammo 8011BCCC 0064
Infinite Grenade Launcher Rounds 3011BCDE 00FF
Infinite Grenade Launcher Ammo 8011BCCE 0064
Infinite Laser Rounds 3011BCE0 00FF
Infinite Laser Ammo 8011BCD0 0064
Infinite Rocket Launcher Rounds 3011BCE2 00FF
Infinite Rocket Launcher Ammo 8011BCD2 0064
Infinite Small Medipacks 8011BCE4 0009
Infinite Medium Medipacks 8011BCE6 0009
Infinite Large Medipacks 8011BCE8 0009
Infinite Flashlight 8011BCFC 00FF
Infinite Portable Autodoc 3011BD02 00FF
All Weapons 3011BCBC 00FF
Items Never Decrease 800525AE 0000
Stop Timer 8005C356 0000
Press Select For More Time D00BDB92 FFFE
8011BE0C 7080