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Grand Tour Racing '98 (Playstation) Cheats & Tips

Your guide for cheat codes, tips, hacks and walkthroughs

Bonus Car & Track

Start a race in Hong Kong, level 5. Race until you hit the dirt road, then continue until you see the bridge. Slowly drive across the bridge, then suddenly turn to the right. After that drive under the bridge to reveal a gold medallion.

Hong Kong 5

Start a race with any team. When you go to the dirt road, go to the second bridge. Go under it and you will find a gold object.

Easter Island 2

Start a race with any team. After you go through the lava tunnels you will come to a "S" curve in a jungle area. While you are at the end of the "S" curve go to the right off the track and on to the grass just before the red and white road block. Follow the grass to a small beach. While you are at the end of the beach you will fing a gold object.

Scotland 3

Start a race with any team. As you head toward the dark, forested part of the track, climb the slanted rocks on the side just before the forest starts. Climb above the road into the woods.  Drive in the woods until you get to the turn with the black and white backstop. Go behind the backstop until you find the gold object.

Egypt 1

Pick any racing team, then start a race. Drive over 3 wooden bridges. After the third, start to slow down. On your right you will see an old Egyptian Building, find a way up to it. Once up there, drive all the way around this building. There will be a squared shaped object. Run over it.

Switzerland 1

Pick the red team. Race until you go through two tunnels. After the second tunnel you will see a bunch of cottages and people on your left. If you are going fast enough you should be able to hop the shoulder. Then you have to do is look behind the houses to find the gold object. Go over it.

Moscow 1

Pick the red Team, come in first to go to the second Moscow. Then, keep same the same team and start the second level. It should be raining. Start the race. Near the end of the track, you will see a Big Jump. Hit it while turning to the left. You must jump the guard rail. Once you do that, you will see a building with lots of windows. Go to the left side of the building. When you see the Gold object, run it over.