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Metal Gear Solid Integral (Playstation) Cheats & Tips

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Mukaide Reflection in wolfdog cave puddle Muraoka Water in cargo dock Nakamura In Meryl's blood pool; where she is sniped Negishi Sewage waterfall Nishimura Next to Baker's corpse Okajima Maggots of the real DARPA Chef in cell Onoda Where Baker is tied up Sasaki Picture frames in the Commander's room Sato Comm Tower A; roof destroyed by Hind D missiles Scott Dolph Deep down in the dark from the walkway between Comm Towers A and B Shigeno Heliport,security caera by staircase Shikama Electric floor Shimizu Wolf dog cave; first crawling point Shinkawa Deep in Sniper Wolf's hallway behind the second pillar Sonoyama Torture machine Takade Ninja room; glass atedga Tanaka Heliport; sleeping soldier Tougo End of boiler room; in Blast Furnace with the steam Toyota Container in the middle of Raven's warehouse Uehara Edge of elevator; where the ravens are Yamashita Tip of nuke warhead in nuke storage room Yoshimura Dead end of air duct Yoshioka Bridge on the third floor of the blast furnace

Game Shark Codes

(Japanese Version)


Enable Code For Disc 1 & 2 (Must Be On) D00C3AB6 1000
800C3AB6 1040
D00C492A 1040
800C492A 1000
Enable Code For VR Disc (Must Be On) D00C209A 1040
800C209A 1000
Infinite Health 800B4DAE 0600
800B4DB0 0600
Infinite Oxygen (Press R1) D00AB950 0008
800ABA34 03E7
Radar Not Jammed When Spotted 800ABA00 0000
Ghost Mode D00B4DB8 0000
800ABA10 0000
Auto Reload 800AB9EC 001E
800ABA04 001E
Never Have Time Bomb 800B4E06 0000
Have 99 Rations 800B4DFC 0063
800B4E12 0063
Have 99 Medicine 800B4DFE 0063
800B4E14 0063
Have 99 Diazepam 800B4E00 0063
800B4E16 0063
Have SOCOM Pistol 800B4DBA 03E7
800B4DCE 03E7
Have FAMAS Rifle 800B4DBC 03E7
800B4DD0 03E7
Have Nikita 800B4DC0 03E7
800B4DD4 03E7
Have Stinger 800B4DC2 03E7
800B4DD6 03E7
Have PSG1 Rifle 800B4DCC 03E7
800B4DE0 03E7
Have Claymore Mines 800B4DC4 03E7
800B4DD8 03E7
Have C4 800B4DC6 03E7
800B4DDA 03E7
Have Grenades 800B4DBE 03E7
800B4DD2 03E7
Have Stun Grenades 800B4DC8 03E7
800B4DDC 03E7
Have Chaff Grenades 800B4DCA 03E7
800B4DDE 03E7
Have Cigarettes 800B4DE2 0001
Have Scope 800B4DE4 0001
Have Cardboard Box A 800B4DE6 0001
Have Cardboard Box B 800B4DE8 0001
Have Cardboard Box C 800B4DEA 0001
Have Night Vision Goggles 800B4DEC 0001
Have Thermal Goggles 800B4DEE 0001
Have Gas Mask 800B4DF0 0001
Have Body Armor 800B4DF2 0001
Have Ketchup 800B4DF4 0001
Have Stealth Camouflage 800B4DF6 0001
Have Bandana 800B4DF8 0001
Have Camera 800B4DFA 0001
Have Level 7 Key Card 800B4E04 0007
Have Mine Detector 800B4E08 0001
Have MO Disc 800B4E0A 0001
Have Rope 800B4E0C 0001
Have Scarf 800B4E0E 0001