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Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions (Playstation) Cheats & Tips

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Alternate selection screen

While you are at the Konami logo before the introduction to the game, press Start in order to get a different picture at the selection screen. Instead of a pictures of the Ninja, it will feature the Ninja with his mask broken open.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Health 800B7316 0600
800B7318 0600
Infinite Oxygen 800AC844 03E7
Radar Not Jammed When Spotted 800AC810 0000
Ghost Mode 800AC820 0000
800AC822 0000
Auto Reload 800AC7FC 0019
Never Get A Cold 800B731A 0000
Never Have Time Bomb 800B5C16 0000
Have SOCOM Pistol 800B5BCA 03E7
800B5BDE 03E7
Have FAMAS Rifle 800B5BCC 03E7
800B5BE0 03E7
Have Nikita 800B5BD0 03E7
800B5BE4 03E7
Have Stinger 800B5BD2 03E7
800B5BE6 03E7
Have PSG1 Rifle 800B5BDC 03E7
800B5BF0 03E7
Have Claymore Mines 800B5BD4 03E7
800B5BE8 03E7
Have C4 800B5BD6 03E7
800B5BEA 03E7
Have Grenades 800B5BCE 03E7
800B5BE2 03E7
Have Stun Grenades 800B5BD8 03E7
800B5BEC 03E7
Have Chaff Grenades 800B5BDA 03E7
800B5BEE 03E7
Have Cigarettes 800B5BF2 0001
Have Scope 800B5BF4 0001
Have Cardboard Box A 800B5BF6 0001
Have Cardboard Box B 800B5BF8 0001
Have Cardboard Box C 800B5BFA 0001
Have Night Vision Goggles 800B5BFC 0001
Have Thermal Goggles 800B5BFE 0001
Have Gas Mask 800B5C00 0001
Have Body Armor 800B5C02 0001
Have Ketchup 800B5C04 0001
Have Stealth Camouflage 800B5C06 0001
Have Bandana 800B5C08 0001
Have Camera 800B5C0A 0001
Have Level 100 Key Card 800B5C14 0064
Have Mine Detector 800B5C18 0001
Have MO Disc 800B5C1A 0001
Have Rope 800B5C1C 0001
Have Scarf 800B5C1E 0001
Have Suppressor Active 800B5C20 0000
Have PAL Key 800B5C12 0001
Have 255 Rations 800B5C0C 03E7
800B5C22 03E7
Have 255 Medicine 800B5C0E 03E7
800B5C24 03E7
Have 255 Diazepam 800B5C10 03E7
800B5C26 03E7
Special Mode Codes
All Missions Unlocked 800E5538 FFFF
VR Missions Complete 800E556C 1000
All Vs. 12 Battle Levels Unlocked & Complete 800E553A FFFF
800E553C FFFF
All Ninja Levels Unlocked & Complete 800E54D8 FFFF
All NG Selection Levels Unlocked & Complete 800E54BA FFFF
All Variety Levels Unlocked & Complete 800E5556 FFFF
800E5558 FFFF
All Puzzle Levels Unlocked & Complete 800E550E FFFF
800E5510 FFFF
All Mystery Levels Unlocked & Complete 800E5522 FFFF
800E5524 FFFF
1 Min. Battle Codes
All Vs. Target Levels Unlocked & Complete 800E54C0 FFFF
800E54C2 FFFF
All Vs. Enemy Levels Unlocked & Complete 800E54A8 FFFF
Sneak Mode Codes
No Weapon
All Practice Levels Unlocked 800E546C FFFE
All Time Attack Levels Unlocked 800E5484 FFFE
All Practice Levels Unlocked 800E543C FFFE
All Time Attack Levels Unlocked 800E5454 FFFE
Weapon Mode Codes
Time Attack
All Weapons & Levels Unlocked 800E5456 8FE0
800E5458 3E0F
800E545A F0F8
800E545C 0F8F
800E545E F83E
All Weapons & Levels Unlocked 800E543E 8FE0
800E5440 3E0F
800E5442 F0F8
800E5444 0F8F
800E5446 F83E
Advanced Mode Codes
Time Attack
All Weapons & Levels Unlocked 800E5486 8FE0
800E5488 3E0F
800E548A F0F8
800E548C 0F8F
800E548C F83E
All Weapons & Levels Unlocked 800E546E 8FE0
800E5470 3E0F
800E5472 F0F8
800E5474 0F8F
800E5476 F83E