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NBA Live 2002 (Playstation) Cheats & Tips

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Game Shark Codes

Infinite Reward Points Available 801250A0 05DC
Infinite Shot Clock 800B0778 0500
Have All Challenges Complete 50000C02 0000
800AE4FC 0101
Freeze Game Timer 800B0714 4600
Press L1 + R1 For No Shot Clock Left P1 D00B3500 0C00
800B0778 0001
Start/Stop Shot Clock P1 * D00B3500 0801
800EDF4A 2400
D00B3500 0201
Start/Stop Game Timer P1 + D00B3500 0401
800EDE6E 2400
D00B3500 0101
Start in 2nd Quarter D00B0724 0000
800B0724 0001
Start in 3rd Quarter D00B0724 0000
800B0724 0002
Start in 4th Quarter D00B0724 0000
800B0724 0003
Home Team Infinite Time-Outs 800A8A18 0006
Home Team No Time-Outs 800A8A18 0000
All Points Score For Home Team D00CF280 1826
800CF286 1000
Home Team Score Modifier 800A8A10 00??
Away Team Infinite Time-Outs 800A906C 0006
Away Team No Time-Outs 800A906C 0000
All Points Score For Away Team D00CF280 1826
800CF286 2400
Away Team Score Modifier 800A9064 00??
Free Throw's Score Modifier 800C538C 00??
2-Pointer's Score Modifier 800C5388 00??
800C5398 00??
3-Pointer's Score Modifier 8005056C 00??
Have Reward Codes
ABA Ball 300AE4DD 0001
West Coast Court 300AE4F8 0001
New 1-On-1 Uniform 300AE4F9 0001
Rewards Expansion 300AE4FA 0001
Micheal Jordan 300AE4F1 0001
New Music Track 300AE4FB 0001
Have Graphic Effect Codes
2-D Players 300AE4DE 0001
Eye Patch 300AE4F2 0001
Big Heads 300AE4E3 0001
Robo-Eye 300AE4F3 0001
Mohawk 300AE4F4 0001
Tiny Player 300AE4E8 0001
Giant Player 300AE4EA 0001
EA Toque 300AE4F5 0001
Player Cloaking 300AE4EC 0001
Rampant Injuries 300AE4F0 0001
Big Afro 300AE4F6 0001
Have Ratings Codes
Steal Ability Boost 300AE4E0 0001
2 Point Shot Accuracy Boost 300AE4E1 0001
Dunk Ability Boost 300AE4E2 0001
3 Point Shot Accuracy Boost 300AE4E5 0001
Jump Ability Boost 300AE4E6 0001
Super Create Player 300AE4F7 0001
Speed Boost 300AE4E7 0001
Have Rookie Challenges Complete Codes
Win By 10 300AE4FC 0001
10 Assists 300AE4FD 0001
10 Steals 300AE4FE 0001
1-On-1 Game 300AE4FF 0001
Double-DOuble 300AE500 0001
15 Rebounds 300AE501 0001
Have Starter Challenges Complete Codes
All-Star Game 300AE502 0001
15 3-Pointer 300AE503 0001
15 Steals 300AE504 0001
15 Assists 300AE505 0001
Canada Cup 300AE506 0001
40 Points 300AE507 0001
Have All-Star Challenges Complete Codes
Mid-Atlantic Series 300AE508 0001
Win The 2001 3 Pt. Competition 300AE509 0001
Beat Micheal Jordan 300AE50A 0001
Become The NBA Champion 300AE50B 0001
Triple-Double 300AE50C 0001
Texas Road Swing 300AE50D 0001
Have Super Star Challenges Complete Codes
Northwest Road Swing 300AE50E 0001
Custom Player MVP 300AE50F 0001
Midwest Road Swing 300AE510 0001
Perfect 3PT Game 300AE511 0001
Citrus Series 300AE512 0001
Sunshine State Series 300AE513 0001
Character Creation Codes
Infinite Creation Points 801383A4 01F4
Max Inside Scoring D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD84 00C8
Max Jump Shooting D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD85 00C8
Max 3 Pointers D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD86 00C8
Max Free Throws D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD87 00C8
Max Dunking D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD88 00C8
Max Stealing D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD89 00C8
Max Blocking D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD8A 00C8
Max Def. Awareness D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD8B 00C8
Max Quickness D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD8C 00C8
Max Off. Rebounds D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD8D 00C8
Max Def. Rebounds D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD8E 00C8
Max Jumping D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD8F 00C8
Max Strength D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD90 00C8
Max Passing D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD91 00C8
Max Off. Awareness D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD92 00C8
Max Speed D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD93 00C8
Max Dribbling D01FFD5E 800D
301FFD94 00C8
Home Team User Stats Modifier Codes
FG Attempts 800A9BA0 00??
FG Made 800A9BA2 00??
3Pt Attempts 800A9BA4 00??
3pt Made 800A9BA6 00??
Free Throw Attempts 800A9BA8 00??
Free Throw Made 800A9BAA 00??
Blk 800A9BAC 00??
Offense Reb 800A9BAE 00??
Ast 800A9BB0 00??
Fouls 800A9BB2 00??
Steals 800A9BB4 00??
Def Rebounds 800A9BB6 00??
Turnovers 800A9BB8 00??
Away Team User Stats Modifier Codes
FG Attempts 800A9DDC 00??
FG Made 800A9DDE 00??
3Pt Attempts 800A9DE0 00??
3pt Made 800A9DE2 00??
Free Throw Attempts 800A9DE4 00??
Free Throw Made 800A9DE6 00??
Blk 800A9DE8 00??
Offense Reb 800A9DEA 00??
Ast 800A9DEC 00??
Fouls 800A9DEE 00??
Steals 800A9DF0 00??
Def Rebounds 800A9DF2 00??
Turnovers 800A9DF4 00??

*: Press R1 + Select to stop the shot clock, and R2 + Select to restart the shot clock.

+: Press L1 + Select to stop the game timer, and L2 + Select to restart the game timer.