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Rally de Africa (Playstation) Cheats & Tips

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All classes, cars, tracks

While you are at the Prism Arts logo, hold Select + Circle + Left + R2 + L2.

"I Love You" message

Select a manual transmission and begin a game. Then, keep changing transmissions during the game. Eventually, a heart with an "I Love You" message will appear.

Game Shark Codes

Unlock All Secret Racing Paths 300EF9B0 0001
300EF9B2 0001
300EF9B4 0001
Unlock All Cars in Racing Path K 300EFB2A 0001
300EFB2C 0001
300EFB2E 0001
300EFB30 0001
300EFB32 0001
300EFB34 0001
Unlock All Cars in Racing Path A 300EFB42 0001
300EFB44 0001
300EFB46 0001
300EFB48 0001
300EFB4A 0001
300EFB4C 0001
Unlock All Cars in Racing Path S 300EFB5A 0001
300EFB5C 0001
300EFB5E 0001
300EFB60 0001
300EFB62 0001
300EFB64 0001
Max Speed 80015688 0000
8001568A 0000
8001568C 0FFF
8001568E 2402