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Shadow Madness (Playstation) Cheats & Tips

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Strategy Guides & Walkthroughs

Click here for our strategy guide to help you through the game.

Bonus songs

Place any game disc in an audio CD player and play track two to hear bonus songs.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite HP Stinger 8010B586 03E7
8010B588 03E7
Infinite MP Stinger 8010B58A 03E7
8010B58C 03E7
Infinite HP Windleaf 8010B4CC 03E7
8010B4CE 03E7
Infinite MP Windleaf 8010B4D 003E7
8010B4D2 03E7
Infinite HP Xero 8010B548 03E7
8010B54A 03E7
Infinite MP Xero 8010B54C 03E7
8010B54E 03E7
Infinite HP Jirina 8010B50A 03E7
8010B50C 03E7
Infinite MP Jirina 8010B50E 03E7
8010B510 03E7
Infinite HP Clementt 8010B602 03E7
8010B604 03E7
Infinite MP Clementt 8010B606 03E7
8010B608 03E7
Infinite HP Harv-5 8010B5C4 03E7
8010B5C6 03E7
8010B5C8 03E7
8010B5CA 03E7