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Cool Boarders 2001 (Playstation) Reviews & Ratings

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989 Studios just keeps on making more Cool Boarders games. In fact, this is the 5th in the series. Unfortunately, the series gets worse with every new game released.

    Little has changed for this game. The trials are still packed closely together and crashes are still boring. Cool Boarders 2001 features ten pro riders, 20 boarders, and 300 motion-captured animations. Yet, all of this still doesn't make the game great. The games has horrible controls and an unrealistic atmosphere. While in the half pipe, you can easily catch a couple stories of air when you are barely moving at all. In fact, you will actually accelerate while going up the side of the pipe. Yet, on the mountain, the gravity is basically that of Jupiter. Basically, 989 Studios changed the mountains then sent it to stores hoping the name would sell it -- easy money.

RATING: 6/10