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  When I first played the game, I was a little skeptical. The handily seemed hard and the controls were hard for me to get used to. But, after getting the controls down, I loved it. The graphics are absolutely spectacular. I got hooked so quickly.

  Great Graphics. The producers of Destruction Derby 1 + 2 brought the real car physics here. Everything is detailed, from shocks to sparks. Actual damage. No more 'indestructible' cars that never scratch.

  Great Sound. Well, that's if you like the '60s and '70s.

  Plenty of deferent options. Example: Take a Drive, Getaway, Cross City, Dirt Track, Practice, and more. Over 40 different levels of car driving fun. Hopefully it will be 2 player next time, but it is still a great game. While crashes might be realistic, flips aren't. Your car can slip down a hill in San Francisco going 80 mph, without overturning once. The cops are basically the devil. They will 'take-out' anything in their way to get to you.

You are Tanner. A few years back you left professional stock car racing for police work. Now you're going undercover to infiltrate the underworld's most powerful, most dangerous organization: the Castaldi family. You've turned in your page and left New York for Miami, where your first contact awaits.

This game is one of my favorites. It is clearly one of the best and most innovative games of the year. A must buy. I hope to see a sequel soon with hopefully some great new features.

Rating: 9.3/10