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Gem Legends (Vita) Cheats & Tips

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  • Big bang (Bronze): Simultaneously detonate 5 bombs at any level.
  • Squad (Bronze): Destroy 4 stones with explosion.
  • Faster than wind (Bronze): Accomplish the main goal in 5 turns.
  • More bonuses! (Bronze): Use 5 Purchased for Gold Bonuses on a single level.
  • No barriers (Bronze): Remove 500 tiles.
  • Irrepressible (Bronze): Remove 500 stones.
  • Traveler (Bronze): Collect 20,000 points on any level.
  • Jeweler (Silver): Lower 20 diamonds on levels with mechanics "Lower diamond".
  • Goldsmith (Silver): Lower 3 diamons simultaneously on levels with mechanics "Lower diamond".
  • Tactician (Silver): Match 10 chips of the same color.
  • In the pursuit of success (Silver): Trigger 3 super bombs at any level.
  • Grandmaster (Gold): Complete all levels with the best result.