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ESPN Winter X-Games: Snowboarding (PS2) Cheats & Tips

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Extra Courses

Get a Gold Medal in all X-Games competitions.

Get Night Courses

Beat all four minute events in X-Games Mode.

Game Shark Codes

Must Be On ECB6210C 1456E60A
10.0 in Gymnastics 1C3A52B4 D336E7A5
Unlock Silly Robot Noises 4CE997F6 1456E5A6
Unlock Silly Animal Noises 4CE997F6 1456E6A6
Unlock Silly Cartoon Noises 4CE997F6 1456E4A6
Press Select in Lounge Area For Extra Money DC918228 147E9671
1CE2D6A4 144F25CC
1CE2DEA4 144F25CC
1CE2E6A4 144F25CC