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Frogger: The Great Quest (PS2) Cheats & Tips

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Game Shark Codes

Must Be On EC90B120 143CF92C
Infinite Health Level 1 4CC30E04 1456E781
Have Key Level 1 3CD3AB71 1456E7A6
3CD3AB8A 1456E7A6
Infinite Health Level 2 4CC341D4 1456E781
Infinite Stones 3CD3AB65 1456E7A7
3CD3AB62 1456E7A7
3CD3AB63 1456E7A7
3CD3AB68 1456E7A7
Have All Stones 3CD3AB85 1456E70C
Have All Coins 3CD3AB6C 1456E70C
3CD3AB83 1456E70C
3CD3AB88 1456E70C
3CD3AB89 1456E70C
Have All Gems 3CD3AB6D 1456E70C
3CD3AB86 1456E70C
3CD3AB87 1456E70C
3CD3AB8C 1456E70C
3CD3AB8D 1456E70C