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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (PS2) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock Hidden Characters

Enter a code as your name to unlock the corresponding character:

Character Type Code Character
Dwarf ICE600ICE General
Dwarf NUD069 S&M Dwarf
Jester KJH105 Chainsaw
Jester STX222 Happy Face
Jester PNK666 Punkrock
Knight BAT900 Battle General
Knight ARV984 Created By Don
Knight STG333 Employee Stig
Knight CSS222 Ex-Employee Chris
Knight RIZ721 Football Dude
Knight SJB694 Karate Steve
Knight DIB626 Manager Mike
Knight TAK118 Ninja
Knight KAO292 Waitress
Valkyrie CEL721 Cheerleader
Valkyrie AYA555 School Girl
Valkyrie TWN300 Town General
Warrior CAS400 Castle General
Warrior MTN200 Mountain General
Warrior RAT333 Rat General
Wizard GARM99 Regular Garm
Wizard GARM00 Sickly Garm
Wizard DES700 Desert General
Wizard SKY100 Sky General
Wizard SUM224 Sumner


Enter your name as INVULN.

Unlimited Rapid Fire

Enter your name as QCKSHT.

Unlimited Supershot

Enter your name as SSHOTS.

Unlimited 3-Way Shot

Enter your name as MENAGE.

Unlimited Reflective Shot

Enter your name as REFLEX.

Full Turbo

Enter your name as PURPLE.


Enter your name as 000000.

X-Ray Glasses

Enter your name as PEEKIN.

Fast Running

Enter your name as XSPEED.

Fast Throwing

Enter your name as QCKSHT.

Game Shark Codes

Must Be On EC8785D4 1440F2A4
Player 1 Codes
Infinite Health 4CB5B086 145629A9
Infinite Gold 4CB5B098 1456089C
Infinite Special 4CB59E76 145625DD
Level 99 4CB5C338 1456E788
Player 2 Codes
Infinite Health 4CB5DD86 145629A9
Infinite Gold 4CB5DD98 1456089C
Infinite Special 4CB5CB76 145625DD
Level 99 4CB5EC38 1456E788
Player 3 Codes
Infinite Health 4CB50686 145629A9
Infinite Gold 4CB50698 1456089C
Infinite Special 4CB5F476 145625DD
Level 99 4CB51938 1456E788