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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2) Cheats & Tips

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Walkthrough/Strategy Guide

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Change the Title Screen

While at the title screen, use L3 to change the background color, R1/R2 to change the speed, L1 to control a black silhouette, L2 to change the color of the silhouette, and finally Triangle to make the background black.

Unlock Banana Camouflage

Earn the high score in each of the Snake Vs. Ape mini-games.

Unlock Tuxedo Camouflage

Beat the game.

Unlock Bonus Camouflage

Shoot the hidden frog in each area of the game.

Unlock the Camera

Beat the game.

Unlock Extreme Difficulty Option

Beat the game.

Unlock Bonuses

Beat all the bosses without using lethal force to unlock one of the bonuses below:

Bonus What it Does
Animal Camouflage Reduces hand shaking when aiming your gun
Cold War Camouflage Enemies may hesitate when attacking
Fire Camouflage Reduces damage from fire
Hornet Stripe Camouflage Keeps hornets, leeches, and spiders away
Snake Camouflage It looks nice
Spider Camouflage Increases stealth but reduces stamina

Unlock The Patriot (The Boss' weapon)

Beat the game.  NOTE: The game has unlimited ammo, but it reduces your ranking once you beat the game if you use it.

Unlock Single Action Army

Beat the game.

Radio Frequencies

144.40: Cancel Alert Mode (Can only be used once)
141.85: Don't Be Afraid/Rika Muranka
148.96: Pillow Talk/Starry K.
148.39: Surf Music

Secret Healing Radio Frequencies

Interrogate guards by using L3 in Close Quarters Combat.  Some guards may give you hints, including stations that you can turn to with your radio.  Once you get at least one frequency, you will find "Healing Radio" under your "Memory."  There are eight frequencies out there, and each will heal Snake when you listen to them.

Hint: Gain Extra Rations

When the Gavial Crocodile opens its mouth to yawn, toss a grenade inside.  When it blows up, the pieces of it can be used as rations.