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NBA Live 2002 (PS2) Cheats & Tips

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Get More Money Cap Room

Before you start a new franchise, enter "Roster Management".  Put all your highest paid players in the Free Agent Pool. Now, start a new franchise and go to "Sign New Agents".  You can then sign back the highest paid players for a little.

Higher Super Star Stats

While you are at the Main Menu, press Circle.  Go to Roster then Edit Player.  At the Create A Player list, use R2 to increase the stats, L2 to change players, Start to Select.

Game Shark Codes

Master Code Must Be On EC878308 14268E0C
Home Team Scores 0 3C4FEF40 1456E7A5
3C4FF040 1456E7A5
Home Team Scores 200 3C4FEF40 1456E7DD
3C4FF040 1456E7DD
Away Team Scores 0 3C4FEF44 1456E7A5
3C4FF044 1456E7A5
Away Team Scores 200 3C4FEF44 1456E7DD
3C4FF044 1456E7DD