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Need For Speed Underground (PS2) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock Cheat Codes

While at the main menu, press following button combinations to unlock the corresponding cheat code:

Cheat Code Button Combination
All Circuit Tracks Down, R1(3x), R2(3x), Square
All Drag Tracks Right, Square, Left, R1, Square, L1, L2, R2
All Drift Tracks Left(4x), Right, R2, R1, L2
All Sprint Tracks Up, R2(3x), R1, Down(3x)
Drift Physics for all Cars R1, Up(3x), Down(3x), L1

Hints: Easy Points

During a Race, just stay behind a car to rack up the drift points.
Unlock the Oval Drift Track and do Quick Races around it.  Now, simply use the handbrake to do power slides around it.  You will unlock tons of things each time you fill your meter.
Press the  Nitrous button at the start of the race to purge your nitrous and gain a bunch of style points.

Hints: Stop Slow-Mo Mode

When you are in slow-motion, pause the game and hit resume to return to normal viewing.