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GameShark Codes

Must Be On EC87CCC8 1443780C
Home Team Infinite Timeouts 4C0410D4 1456E7A8
Home Team No Timeouts 4C0410D4 1456E7A5
Home Team Scores 0 3C0410D0 1456E7A5
3C01C870 1456E7A5
3C0FAF74 1456E7A5
3C0FB9F0 1456E7A5
Home Team Scores 100 3C0410D0 1456E781
3C01C870 1456E781
3C0FAF74 1456E781
3C0FB9F0 1456E781
Away Team Infinite Timeouts 4C0410E8 1456E7A8
Away Team No Timeouts 4C0410E8 1456E7A5
Away Team Scores 0 3C0410E4 1456E7A5
3C01C878 1456E7A5
3C0FAF84 1456E7A5
3C0FB9DC 1456E7A5
Away Team Scores 100 3C0410E4 1456E781
3C01C878 1456E781
3C0FAF84 1456E781
3C0FB9DC 1456E781
Press Select + R1 For 1st Down DC9F7822 14C33BEF
4C0413BC 1456E7A6
4C0413C0 1456E7A6
4C041244 1456E7A6
4C041454 1456E7A6
Press Select + R2 For 4th Down DC9F7E22 14C33BEF
4C0413BC 1456E7A1
4C0413C0 1456E7A1
4C041244 1456E7A1
4C041454 1456E7A1
Press Select + L1 to End Quarter DC957C22 14C33BEF
1C041008 D456E7A5
Press Select + L2 For More Time DC958122 14C33BEF
1C041008 D5C8E7A5
Start in 2nd Quarter 4C0D7758 1456E7A7
Start in 3rd Quarter 4C0D7758 1456E7A8
Start in 4th Quarter 4C0D7758 1456E7A1