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NFL Street (PS2) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock Extra

In Quick Game Mode, type in the following case-sensitive names for the corresponding extra:

Extra Cheat Code
All Stadiums Travel
NFL Legend Team Classic
Kayslay Team KaySlay
X-ecutioner Team Excellent
AFC East All-Star Team AE3278
AFC North All-Star Team AN6789
AFC South All-Star Team AS6884
AFC West All-Star Team AW9378
NFC East All-Star Team NE3278
NFC North All-Star Team NN6789
NFC South All-Star Team NS9378
NFC West All-Star Team NW9378

Hint: When Opponent Has Gamebreaker

The best thing to do is to set up a shotgun and to throw quick passes.  By thowing short and quick of the pass, the opponent will not be able to tackle (and therefore cause a fumble) and will waste their gamebreaker.