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NHL Hitz 2002 (PS2) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock More Skill Levels

Beat all of the skills in each competition level.

Game Shark Codes

Must Be On ECAF51A0 141B01F4
Infinite Attribute Points 4D450BAE 1456E788
Infinite Credits 4D717178 1456D41D
Infinite Turbo P1 4D72AAF6 145625DD
No Turbo P1 4D72AAF6 1456E7A5
Infinite Turbo P2 4D72AAFA 145625DD
No Turbo P2 4D72AAFA 1456E7A5
Infinite Turbo P3 4D72AAFE 145625DD
No Turbo P3 4D72AAFE 1456E7A5
Infinite Turbo P4 4D72AA02 145625DD
No Turbo P4 4D72AA02 1456E7A5
Infinite Turbo P5 4D72AA06 145625DD
No Turbo P5 4D72AA06 1456E7A5
Infinite Turbo P6 4D72AA0A 145625DD
No Turbo P6 4D72AA0A 1456E7A5
Infinite Turbo P7 4D72AA0E 145625DD
No Turbo P7 4D72AA0E 1456E7A5
Infinite Turbo P8 4D72AA12 145625DD
No Turbo P8 4D72AA12 1456E7A5
Home Team Scores 0 4D72AA64 1456E7A5
Home Team Scores 15 4D72AA64 1456E79C
Away Team Scores 0 4D72AA68 1456E7A5
Away Team Scores 15 4D72AA68 1456E79C